Door Handings

Understanding Interior Door Types

Safe N Sound / Solid Core

A Safe N Sound, or Solid Core door, is two molded door skins. The skins are then filled, resulting in a solid door.

Safe N Sound specifically, is filled with a renewable wheat straw. The result is a door that is lighter than a standard solid core door, but blocks more sound.

Recommended Use: Laundry Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Offices

Hollow Core

A Hollow Core door is also a molded skin. Unlike a solid core, these doors just have spacers made with corrugated cardboard or foam blocks. Resulting in a light, hollow door.

Recommended Use: Closet Doors

Stile and Rail

Stile and Rail doors are not built using a molded skin. Instead, the doors are assembled from different pieces of wood. The result is a solid door with sharper lines, and 90 degree corners. Shaker doors are examples of this.

Recommended Use: Anywhere and everywhere

Helpful Files, Forms, and Links

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